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Founded in 1952, School of Mechatronic Engineering is one of the earliest departments (school) established by Changchun University of Technology, with a long history of running schools, deep accumulation of disciplines, remarkable talent training results, and outstanding results in serving the community. There are 5 departments and 3 teaching centers, namely: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Industrial Engineering, Department of Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Basic Teaching Center, Basic Mechanics Teaching Center and Experimental Teaching Center of Mechanical Engineering (Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center). The school has a Ph.D. and master's degree in mechanical engineering, is a top discipline in Jilin Province, in addition to four secondary discipline master’s authorization points. Mechanical engineering major is a national and provincial characteristics of the professional, ministry of education outstanding engineer training program pilot professional, Jilin Province provincial brand professional, Jilin Province talent training model innovation experimental area,2016 mechanical engineering professional through engineering education professional certification Mechanical engineering discipline in the fourth round of the national discipline assessment of the schools and universities ranked B-.

The school has a high degree, creative ability, and job title and age structure reasonable teachers. of the 109 faculty and staff, 13 are professors and42 are associate professors (including senior engineers), 16 are doctoral tutors and more than 70 are master's tutors 1 person who enjoys special government allowance from the State Council, 1 person who is a project evaluation expert of the 863 program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and 1 person who has made outstanding contributions to Jilin Province, Jilin Province cross-century academic and technical leaders reserve candidate4, Jilin Province teaching teacher 1 person, Jilin Province professor 1 person, Jilin Province higher education discipline construction outstanding young and middle-aged backbone teacher 2 People, Jilin University scientific research spring talent 2 people, Jilin Governor Baishan skills teacher 1 person; Among the teachers are Ph.Ds. who have returned from further study and exchange synods in the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, and researchers who have studied and studied at Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Jilin University and other research institutions.

The school now has 5 undergraduate majors in Mechanical Engineering (including Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical Design and Automation and Material Forming and Automation), Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering and Vehicle Engineering. Teaching covers 12 majors in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments, Electronic Information and other Related Engineering, with more than 3000 undergraduates training experimental teachers each year. More than 130 times, for Jilin Province high-tech enterprises to train technical personnel more than 500 times.

The school is rich in practical teaching resources, the school has 4 experimental teaching centers,2 research institutes,1 university students innovation and entrepreneurship practice base, namely: Mechanical Basic Experimental Teaching Center, Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Machinery CAD Experimental Teaching Center, Mechatronics Experimental Teaching Center, Institute of Modern Design and Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Engineering Research Institute. Among them, Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Mechanical and Electrical Integration Experimental Teaching Center is the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center. The school has more than 10 out-of-school practice bases, laboratory area of more than 3000 square meters, teaching and scientific research required modern manufacturing, testing equipment totaling more than 80 million yuan, the school books and materials, the total collection of Chinese and foreign literature 6.22 million copies, 116 Chinese and foreign professional periodicals, can fully meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students in learning and scientific research.

In recent years, the school has undertaken 151 major scientific research projects and published more than 350 academic papers, 86 of which have been undertaken by SCI,EI,ISTP included, won the first prize of Jilin Province science and technology progress 2. In combination with professional characteristics, the editor-in-chief and the editor-in-chief includes 26 basic and professional course teaching materials, including national planning materials. To undertake and complete 3 national-level teaching and research topics, more than 20 provincial teaching and research topics, published more than 30 teaching and research papers. Won the second prize of the national teaching achievement 3, Jilin Province higher education teaching special prize 1, and first prize 4. The course construction has been fruitful, the existing provincial quality course 3, provincial resource resource-sharing 1, a total of 12 subject basic courses and professional courses were rated as provincial excellent courses.

The school students work in accordance with the student-oriented work philosophy, in line with the Management Norms, Distinctive Features, Project Operation, Focus On Service work ideas, highlighting ideological and political education, learning style construction, Management services, employment and entrepreneurship and other key work, training a large number of ideological and political firm, strong ability to work high-quality personnel. The Student Work Office has been awarded the advanced collective of student work in the school year after year, has been named the honorary title of outstanding student management collective in Changchun City, and has the most influential love association and theoretical society Spring Rain Volunteer Association, MMDS Society and other theoretical learning and voluntary service organizations, Emerged Jilin Province excellent counselor standard soldiers, Jilin Province excellent counselors, Changchun City outstanding student management individuals, Chinese College Students Self-improvement Star Standard-bearer, the country's top ten college students, the national 100-star dormitory, Changchun City top ten college students and a number of advanced models.

Through years of construction and development, the level of teaching and scientific research has been continuously improved, and the characteristics of running a school are more obvious. In order to train people with innovative awareness and engineering application ability, actively encourage and support students to participate in various science and technology competitions, in the Challenge Cup College Students Extracurricular Science and Technology Works Competition, University Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest, Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Chinese Mathematics Competitions, China Universities Industrial Design Competition and National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students, won the national first prize, second prize and other more than 40 items. With the increasing demand for employment, the employment situation has been positive year after year, and graduates have been widely praised by employers, with the employment rate reaching more than 98% for 5 consecutive years.